Riding Towards a Sustainable Future: The Power of Ebike Subsidies

Unlocking the Future of Mobility: Ebike Subsidies

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Ebike subsidies are no longer just a novelty concept exclusive to green energy enthusiasts. They’re at the forefront of a transportation revolution, driving a global shift toward sustainable mobility. These financial incentives, offered by governments and organizations worldwide, aim to make electric bikes, or ebikes, a go-to choice for the environmentally conscious and the economically savvy alike. This article delves deep into Ebike subsidies, unraveling their significance, impact on our world, and why they are fast becoming a vital instrument in our collective quest for a greener, healthier future. So, buckle up as we embark on this fascinating journey into the heart of the Ebike subsidy revolution.

Ebike subsidies Available

This policy scan was developed by Cameron Bennett and John MacArthur from the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) at Portland State Univeristy.The initial development of this list was based off of existing inventories from PeopleForBikes and Tom Lent.
More e-bike research from TREC can be found at https://trec.pdx.edu/e-bike-research
Last updated 6/12/2023

Additions or updates to the tracker since the 5/15/2023 update are highlighted in yellow
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CountryStateLocationProgram NameAdministratorAdmin. TypeStatusIncentive StyleDiscount MechanismDiscount RateMinimum Purchase/FeeMaximum IncentiveTotal EarmarkIncome- Qualified?Low-Income Option?Low-Income ThresholdLocal bike shop(s) onlyDetails/LinksParent/Child ProgramDate added to tracker/of news
CanadaABBanffLocal GovernmentLocal GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate30%; up to 50% low-income$590 ($750 CAD); up to $780 ($1,000 CAD) low-income$31,000 ($40,000 CAD)NoYesSliding scaleNoLink to program page

Renewed for a second round of funding through 2023

Potential changes for 2023, 2024
CanadaABEdmontonLocal GovernmentLocal GovernmentClosedPartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate30%$590 ($750 CAD)$39,000 ($50,000 CAD)NoNoNoLink
Closed news article
CanadaABProvince-wideScrap-itSCRAP-IT Program SocietyState / Province GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat rate with vehicle trade-inPost-purchase rebate with vehicle trade-in$500NoNoNoProgram page10/24/22
CanadaBCKamloopsThompson Rivers UniversityPrivate EntityActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate, low-interest loan10%$235 ($300 CAD)NoNoemployees that have permanent, full-time status may apply for financing with up to a two-year repayment period (minimum of $500 purchase price and maximum of $5,000), and employees on a contract term with TRU may apply for financing up to the end of their contract term4/25/22
CanadaBCKamloopsLocal GovernmentLocal GovernmentProposedIncluded in EV and E-Bike Strategy document from the city (page 15)9/28/22
CanadaBCNelsonLocal GovernmentLocal GovernmentActiveLow-interest loanPost-purchase low-interest loan$6,260 ($8000 CAD)NoNoNoParticipants will be able to choose an amortization period of two or five years, with an interest rate of 3.5%4/25/22
CanadaBCNorth VancouverLocal GovernmentLocal GovernmentApproved$310-$1240 ($400-$1600 CAD)$104,000 ($135,000 CAD)YesYesAmount means tested to household size and income

Set to begin Q1 2023
CanadaBCNorth VancouverDistrict of North VancouverLocal GovernmentApprovedLending LibraryLending Library$50,000Proposal: Cargo bikes placed at public libraries, rentable for up to a week at a time

Council approved funding. Needs to be approved by City and third party administrator
CanadaBCPowell RiverCity of Powell RiverLocal GovernmentActiveLending LibraryLending Library2 BikesNoNo2 bikes avaiable for city employees to use for site visits, work calls, etc., purchased using BC province incentives10/28/22
Specialty Use Vehicle Incentive Program
Province of BC's CleanBC Go Electric ProgramState / Province GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$1,365 ($1,700 CAD)NoNoNoBusinesses can buy up to 5 bikes with the incentiveChild10/12/21
CanadaBCProvince-wideProvince GovernmentState / Province GovernmentActiveSales tax waiverSales tax waiverNoNoNoProvincial sales tax (PST) waived for class 1 and 2 ebikes, non-motorized bicycles, and non-motorized, adult-sized tricycles11/14/21
CanadaBCProvince-widePlug in BCClean BC Go Electric Transportation Options ProgramState / Province GovernmentActiveVoucher with vehicle trade-inVoucher with vehicle trade-in$960 ($1,200 CAD)$600 ($750 CAD)NoNoYesProgram pageParent4/25/22
CanadaBCProvince-wideBC Electric Bike Rebate ProgramMinistry of Transportation and Infrastructure / BC Scrap-it SocietyState / Province GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$1,500 ($2,000 CAD)$1,050/$750/$260 ($1,400/$1,000/$350 CAD) based on income$4.5M ($6M CAD)NoYes$29,200, $38,300 ($38,950, $51,131 CAD)NoProgram page

Demand far outpacing supply right after launch (6/2/23)
CanadaBCSaanichCity of Saanich Sustainability OfficeLocal GovernmentClosedPartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount OR Post-purchase rebate AND sales tax waiver$280 ($350 CAD); up to $1275 ($1600 CAD) for income-qualified households; $600 ($750 CAD) Scrap a car; $1,330 ($1,700 CAD) for fleet cargo e-bikes$160,000 ($200,000 CAD)NoYesCustom scale with multiple incentive levelsNoThe program offers incentives to 300 participants with 120 incentives initially reserved for income qualified applicants

Closed as of late 2022, reporting and determination of future status early 2023
CanadaBCUniversity of British ColumbiaUniversity of British ColumbiaPrivate EntityActiveLending LibraryLending LibraryFree 7-day trial for faculty and staff5/15/23
CanadaBCWest VancouverApproved$365 ($500 CAD); $1,100 ($1,500 CAD) low-income$100,000 ($135,000 CAD); 500 tier 1, 50 tier 2 rebatesNoYesNews article10/24/22
CanadaNSProvince-wideElectrify Nova ScotiaProvince GovernmentState / Province GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount$400 ($500 CAD)NoNoYesLink4/25/22
CanadaONTorontoCity of TorontoLocal GovernmentApprovedTax Liability CreditThe amount for the incentive has not been announced yet4/25/22
CanadaPEProvince-wideProvince GovernmentState / Province GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount OR Post-purchase rebate$1,200$400 ($500 CAD);
$80 ($100 CAD) for non-powered bicycles
NoNoNews of approval

Program page, businesses can claim up to 5 rebates/year. Bike must be class 1.
CanadaQUProvince-wideTransport GreenQuebec Ministry of Energy and Natural ResourcesState / Province GovernmentApproved25%$1,460 ($2,000 CAD)Cargo bikes made in Canada only

No further news or information found 12/18/22; program was to have started 1/1/21
CanadaYTProvince-wideClean-energy rebatesProvince GovernmentState / Province GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPoint-of-sale discount OR Post-purchase rebate25%$590 ($750 CAD) for e-bike, $1,175 ($1,500 CAD) for cargo bikeNoNoNoLink to program page

Only dealers that have gone through the application process may offer point-of-purchase incentives
USALUniversity of North AlabamaAnderson Bike ProgramUniversity of North Alabama / Joel R. Anderson Family FoundationPrivate EntityActiveE-bike loanE-bike loan25 bikes, increasing to 50 in Spring 2023A graduate student will be administrating the program and performing research11/30/22
USAZTempeCuldesacPrivate EntityActiveFree e-bikesFree e-bikes200 bikesNoNoThe first 200 residents will recieve a free bike, or $300 credit +5% off if they want a different Lectric model5/15/23
USCABay AreaClean Cars For AllBay Area Air Quality Management DistrictAir quality management authorityActiveVoucher with vehicle trade-inVoucher with vehicle trade-in$7,500NoNoNo$7,500 grant to purchase an e-bike with trade-in of vehicle 2005 or older. Households of more than one person may purchase additional e-bikes with the $7,500 grant. Grantees may use a portion of the grant for e-bike accessories (e.g. helmets, lights, cargo equipment, etc.). The remaining grant amount can be converted to a public transit card.Child9/30/21
USCABerkeleyBerkeley E-Bike AccessCity of Berkeley & Waterside WorkshopPrivate EntityApprovedE-bike loanE-bike loan50 bikesYesProgram announcement10/24/22
USCABerkeleyCity of BerkeleyLocal GovernmentProposedPoint-of-sale discountNews article11/17/22
USCACentral Coast (Monterey, San Benito & Santa Cruz counties, plus parts of San Luis Obispo & Santa Barbara counties)CCCE Electrify Your Ride - Residential ProgramCentral Coast Community Energy (CCCE)Power districtClosed$600 +$100 if purchased locallyProgram coming 11/22, might include e-bike rebates, the prior iteration did

New iteration of the program does not include e-bike incentives
USCACity of AlamedaAMP Rebates & Incentives - Electric BicyclesAlameda Municipal Power (AMP)Power districtActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebateNone$100/$200/$300 ($200/$400/$600 low-income) based on purchase price (below $1,000, between, and above $2,000)NoYesMust be currently enrolled in AMP’s Energy Assistance Program.NoProgram page10/24/22
Contra Costa County
511 Contra CostaLocal GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$150; $300 low-income; $500 low-income in target areasNoYes400% FPLNoLink10/3/21
USCAContra Costa CountyCharge up Contra CostaLocal GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$500YesNoEquity Priority Communities; 400% FPGCalifornia-onlyProgram page
USCAEast Bay (Alameda County, Tracy, and Stockton)East Bay Community Energy (EBCD)Power districtApprovedLending Library$2MBudget announcement

Program funding determined, RFP announced
USCAEast Bay (Alameda County, Tracy, and Stockton)East Bay Community Energy (EBCD)Power districtApproved$4MNoYesCARE electricity rateBudget announcement

Program funding determined, RFP announced
USCAEurekaRedwood Energy AuthorityPower districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate50%$500$41,500 (83 rebates)NoNoNoLink4/25/22
USCAHealdsburgHealdsburg ElectricPower districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate100% for income-qualified, 75% otherwise$700 for income-qualified CARE customers
$400 for an e-bike purchased in Healdsburg
$300 for an e-bike purchased outside of Healdsburg
$50 for an e-bike conversion attachment kit
NoYes200% FPLNo$700 for income-qualified CARE customers
$400 for an e-bike purchased in Healdsburg
$300 for an e-bike purchased outside of Healdsburg
$50 for an e-bike conversion attachment kit
Capped at 100% of purchasse price for income-qualified, 75% of purchase price for others
Mountain bikes excluded
USCAMonterey BayMonterey Bay Air Resource DistrictAir quality management authorityClosedPartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$1,000YesNoCustom scale, approx 200% FPLYesPurchase price $1,000 - $4,000

All funds allocated, program closed as of December, 2022
USCAMountain ViewGooglePrivate EntityActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$500NoNoProgram for company employees on Mountain View, CA campus

Google had an existing e-bik
e lending program and the cash incentive was established as a way for employees to get their own bike after the loaner period ends after six months.

Webinar about the rebate program
USCAOaklandCity of OaklandLocal GovernmentApprovedLending LibraryLending Library500 bikes, $1MLocal bike shops in low-income neighborhoods would rent out the bikes9/21/22
USCAPasadenaPasadena Water and Power (PWP)Power districtApprovedPartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$500, +$250 for cargo and adaptive e-bikes, +$250 low-incomeNoYesEnrolled in PWP’s income-qualified bill assistance programProgram page, launching July 1, 2023

Must be purchased in the City of Pasadena
USCAReddingCity of Redding Electric UtilityPower districtActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount with application$1,700$1,150YesNo Currently enrolled in REU's Residential Energy Discount Program; Custom scale, approx 250% FPLProgram Page

$1,000 for the e-bike, $75 for a helmet, $75 for a lock.
USCARosevilleCity of RosevilleLocal GovernmentClosedPartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate50%$200$3,000NoNoYesLink10/17/21
San Diego County
Pedal Ahead ProgramSan Diego CountyLocal GovernmentActiveRide-to-ownRide-to-ownNoNo200 electric bicycles available to participants in San Diego County Supervisorial District 4.

Now also in Encinitas

Recruiting participants
USCASan Fernando ValleyElectro BiciPacoima Beautiful and People for Mobility JusticeAdvocacy GroupActiveLending LibraryLending Library$20 fee for 9-month loan30 bikes, $500k from LADWPresidents who join the program can keep the bikes for up to nine months.

Initially about 30 bikes will be available to the first “cohort” of riders

USCASan FranciscoDepartment of the EnvironmentLocal GovernmentPilotFree e-bikesFree e-bikes35 bikes, $559,000News article10/7/22
USCASan Gabriel ValleyGoSVGActiveSGVAdvocacy GroupClosedPartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$700$70,000NoNoYesLink10/17/21
USCASan Gabriel ValleyGoSVGActiveSGVAdvocacy GroupActiveLending LibraryLending Library$69/mounth for classic bikes, $129/month for cargo bikes

23% of over 200 participants have bought their bike at the end of the loan period
USCASan Mateo CountyE-Bikes for EveryonePeninsula Clean EnergyPower districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPoint-of-sale discount80%$1,000YesNo400% FPLYesProgram page

Awarded via application and then lottery on June 6th, 2022
USCASanta BarbaraSanta Barbara Library / BCycleLocal GovernmentActiveLending LibraryLending LibraryBikeshare passes available for one-week rentals5/27/23
USCASanta ClaraSilicon Valley PowerPower districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate10%$300; $500 low-incomeNoYesCustom scale, approx 400% FPLNo10% of the pre-tax cost of the eligible electric bicycle less any other discounts received, up to $300
Financial Rate Assistance Program customers will receive an additional $200 for eligible electric bicycles with a pre-tax cost over $600

USCASanta CruzGo Santa CruzCity of Santa Cruz / Ecology ActionLocal GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount with application$400; $800 low-incomeNoYesCurrently enrolled in a low-income assistance program (PGE Cares, CalFresh, Medicaid, WIC, Calworks, etc)YesLink11/17/2020
USCASanta CruzSanta Cruz CountyProposedNews release4/11/23
USCASanta MonicaFamily Cargo Bike Loaner ProgramCity of Santa Monica, The Bike CenterLocal GovernmentActiveLending LibraryLending Libraryparents of kids at eligible schools can check out a family cargo bike for a one-week trial period at no cost to the participants10/24/22
USCASonoma CountyBike ElectricSonoma Clean PowerPower districtClosedPartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount with application$1,000YesNoIncome qualified state or local program (medicaid, WIC, NSL, SNAP, SSI, etc.)YesLink10/17/21
USCASouth Coast Area (Including LA)Replace Your RideSouth Coast Air Quality Management DistrictAir quality management authorityActiveVoucher with vehicle trade-inVoucher with vehicle trade-inNoNoMore information about the e-bike option "will be available soon."

Website not updated with further information in over a year as of 12/18/22
USCAStatewideCalifornia Air Resources Board (CARB)Air quality management authorityApprovedPartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount with application$1,000/$1,750 cargo; low-income additional $250$13 million (4-7k vouchers)YesYes300% FPL to qualify for program, 225% FPL or living in a transportation disadvantaged community to qualify for additional incentivesYesLink

Working Group Meeting

Grant Solicitation Information

Grant Solicitation Application

Manager selected – Pedal Ahead

Program details released, will launch Q1 2023

Class 1, 2, and 3 bikes allowed
USCAStatewideClean Cars 4 All (Enhanced Fleet Modernization Plus-Up Program)
California Air Resources Board
Air quality management authorityParent ProgramParent ProgramParent Program$7,500YesUp to $7,500 on a prepaid card for use towards the use of bikeshare or the purchase of an electric bicycle with used-vehicle trade-inParent9/30/21
USCAStatewideA.B. 117ProposedBill would have made CARB program permanent. Vetoed by Govenor Newsom due to budget concerns9/29/22
USCOAvonTown of AvonLocal GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$1,000 / $500$200 / $100$25k (2022), $30k (2023)NoNoYesLink11/18/21
USCOAvonTown of AvonLocal GovernmentProposedPartial purchase subsidy10-25%Staff asks that Council consider a rebate for e-bike purchases made at Avon brick-and-mortar retail locations in the 2022 budget. Earmarking $20,000-30,000 as a rebate incentive will allow 100-150 Avon residents to receive a $200 financial rebate.4/25/22
USCOBasaltCity of BasaltLocal GovernmentApprovedPartial purchase subsidy flat rate$25062500 (250 incentives)YesRecipients must complete a "commuter oath" to replace three vehicle trips/week3/15/23
USCOBoulderCan-Do Community ChallengeCommunity Cycles / Colorado Energy OfficePower districtPilotRide-to-ownRide-to-own$250 feeYesNo50% AMIThis is a two year loaner-to-owner program requiring a fee of $250 to be paid in full before receiving your ebike. You may opt out of this program in the first 90 days and receive partial or full refund. After 90 days you may still opt out of the program but the fee will not be refunded. The value of the bike and accessories is over $1500.

Bike becomes theirs after 2 years of regular ridership and data reporting
USCOBoulderCity of BoulderLocal GovernmentApprovedPartial purchase subsidy flat rate$500, +$200 cargo, +$900 low-incomeNoYesCity council discusses rebate program to mirror Denver's

Not picked up by the council for now (June 27th, 2022)

Approved: Class 1 and 2 only
USCOBoulder CountyBoulder CountyLocal GovernmentClosedPartial purchase subsidy with capPoint-of-sale discount with application10-25%NoNoYesLink10/17/21
USCOColorado SpringsColorado Energy Office / PinkRideBikeshare managerActiveLending LibraryLending Library$25/monthAccess to a bike, charger, accessories and maintenance and community support from PikeRide for 50 low-income familiesChild6/3/23
USCOCortez, Delores, Mancos, Monticello & other Empire Electric townsEmpire Electric Association Outdoor Power Equipment RebatesEmpire Electric AssociationPower districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate25%$150NoNoNoProgram page

No retrofit kits
USCODenverCan-Do Community Challenge Northeast Transportation Connections (NETC) and West Corridor TMA / Colorado Energy OfficePower districtPilotLending LibraryLending Library70 e-bikesYesNoA library supplying 70 electric bikes for income qualified essential workers in Denver’s Sun Valley, Globeville, Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods.10/17/21
USCODenverCity of DenverLocal GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount with application$400, $1,200 low-income, additional $500 for cargo bikesNoYesParticipation in an income-qualified program, or household income below 60% of the CO median, below 200% of the relevant federal poverty level, or below 80% of area median incomeYesMust be purchased from a participating retailer

Full-suspension mountain bikes are excluded from the program
USCODurangoCan-Do Community Challenge4CORE / Colorado Energy OfficePower districtPilotFree e-bikesFree e-bikes$50,000YesNoLocal restaurant workers will soon be rolling to work in sustainable style. Thanks to a grant from the Colorado Energy Office, 16 low-income workers will receive e-bikes through a pilot program4/25/22
La Plata Electric Association
Power districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate25%$150NoNoNoLink4/25/22
USCODurangoCity of DurangoLocal GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount OR Post-purchase rebate$300 point-of-sale discount if purchased from participating local bike shop / $150 post-purchase rebate if purchased anywhere else / $500/800/1,100/1,400 (+$150 for local purchase) low-incomeNoYes50/60/70/80% of La Plata County AMIHigher incentive if purchased locallyApplications open April 17 until May 12 at 5 p.m.4/17/23
Edwards Metro District
Edwards Metro District
Local GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$500$200NoNoNo$200 e-bike purchase rebate for full-time residents who intend to use the e-bike to offset vehicle miles.10/17/21
USCOFort CollinsCan-Do Community ChallengeCity of Fort Collins / Colorado Energy OfficeLocal GovernmentPilotProgram page12/18/22
USCOGlenwood SpringsHoly Cross EnergyPower districtActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$50NoNoNoLink4/25/22
Mountain Parks Electric
Power districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate25%$150NoNoNoOffers 25% or up to $150 for purchase of an electric mower, snow blower, or e-bikes.4/25/22
Gunnison County Electric
Power districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate25%$150NoNoNoOffers 25% or up to $150 for purchase of an electric mower, snow blower, or e-bikes.4/25/22
USCOHolyoke, Sterling, Ovid areaHighline Electric Outdoor Power Equipment RebatesHighline Electric AssociationPower districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate25%$150NoNoNoProgram page10/24/22
USCOMoffat and Routt CountiesRoutt County RidersNonprofitApprovedFree e-bikesFree e-bikes$129,00080% area median incomeFunded by Colorado Energy Office e-bike grant, bikes provided by PedegoChild3/1/23
USCOMt. Crested ButteE-Bike Rebate ProgramTown of Crested ButteLocal GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$500, +$50 for in-county, +$50 for in-city$50,000NoNoProgram page

News release
USCOPueblo CountyCan-Do Community ChallengePueblo County / Colorado Energy OfficeLocal GovernmentPilotRide-to-ownRide-to-own$150 feeYesNo$35,000Piloted with forty-two (42) e-Bikes including accessories (helmet, U-lock cable, headlamp, portable pump, and spare tubes) and to be administered by Pueblo County under two years of data gathering, monitoring & evaluation.10/17/21
USCOSmart Commute Metro-NorthCan-Do Community ChallengeSmart Commute Metro-North / Colorado Energy OfficeNonprofitPilotProgram page12/18/22
USCOStatewideSB 22-193State GovernmentState / Province GovernmentApproved$10MYesSB 22-193 would provide $12M for: grant money to local governments and nonprofit organizations to administer a bike share program or an ownership program for the provision of electric bicycles in a community, a rebate program providing individuals in low- and moderate-income households, or bicycle shops that sell electric bicycles to program participants at discounted prices, rebates for purchases of electric bicycles used for commuting purposes.

Available spring 2023

RFA open as Community Access to Electric Bicycles Program
USCOStatewideHB23-1272State GovernmentState / Province GovernmentApprovedPartial purchase subsidy flat rateTax Liability Credit$500$120M (shared with other rebates)NoNoBill page1/3/23
USCOStatewideCan-Do Community ChallengeBicycle Colorado, Northeast Transportation Connections, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory / Colorado Energy OfficePower districtClosedFree e-bikesFree e-bikes13 participantsYesNo2020 Mini-Pilot

13 low-income essential workers in the greater Denver area received a Momentum LaFree E+ eBike (Class 1) and equipment including a helmet, pump, lock, lights and more at no cost
USCOStatewideCommunity Access to Electric Bicycles Grant ProgramColorado Energy OfficeState / Province GovernmentActiveParent ProgramParent ProgramProgram pageParent5/15/23
USCOYampa ValleyYampa Valley Electric Association Energy Hero Outdoor Electric Equipment RebatesYampa Valley Electric AssociationPower districtClosedPartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate25%$150NoNoNoProgram page

E-bikes removed from program for 2023
USCTStatewideState GovernmentState / Province GovernmentProposedPartial purchase subsidy flat rateTax Liability Credit$1,000 / $500 / $250; based on incomeYesYes$50k / $100k for incentive value thresholdsProgram qualification by Low- to Moderate-Income in accordance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development calculations2/19/22
USCTStatewideConnecticut Electric Bicycle Incentive ProgramConnecticut Department of Energy and Environmental ProtectionState / Province GovernmentApprovedPoint-of-sale discount$500+Priority given to low incomes300% FPL, participation in state or federal assistance programs, including Operation Fuel energy assistance programPart of CHEAPR EV rebate program, max purchase price of $3,000, participants pre-qualified by location in environmental justice communities

SB 4 Link

RFP open, program to launch Spring 2023
USDCDistrict of ColumbiaGet Paid to PedalState GovernmentState / Province GovernmentClosedPartial purchase subsidy flat ratePost-purchase rebate$200NoNoNoFor District school staff only, open to non-electric bicycles as well10/7/22
USDCDistrict of ColumbiaElectric Bicycle Incentive Kickstarting the Environment (“E-BIKE”) Act of 2023 / B25-0032District of ColumbiaState / Province GovernmentProposedPartial purchase subsidy with cap
Point-of-sale discount
Low-income: 75%
Businesses: 30%
$400, $900 cargo
Low income: $1,200, $1,700 cargo
Businesses: $200, $700 cargo
NoYes80% of area medianYesAt least 50% of rebates reserved for low-income qualifiers1/13/23
USDCDistrict of ColumbiaElectric Bicycle Rebate Program Amendment Act of 2023 / B25-0115District of ColumbiaState / Province GovernmentProposedPartial purchase subsidy flat rate
Point-of-sale discount
$750, $1,000 cargo
Low income: $1,500, $2,000 cargo
NoYes60% of area median or Zero-vehicle household (SNAP, TANF, etc. can be used to qualify)YesIncludes grants to prop up new bike sshops and train local mechanics in underserved wards

Incentives also avaiable for battery replacement, maintenance, disability-accomodating accessories, and a lock
USFLTampaCity of TampaLocal GovernmentClosedPartial purchase subsidy flat ratePoint-of-sale discount with application$500, $1,000 income-qualified; $1,000 cargo, $2,000 cargo income-qualified$170,000 (Standard x60, Standard Cargo x50, IQ x50, IQ Cargo x20)NoYesArea meadian income ($59,893)YesFull program details3/1/23
USGAAtlantaProposedThe legislation calls for the city to create a committee — one that includes transportation officials and advocates for bicyclists and equity — to study other cities' e-bike incentive programs.12/8/22
USHIStatewideHawaii Department of TransportationState / Province GovernmentActivePartial purchase subsidy with capPost-purchase rebate20%$500$700,000Yes, or student status or no-vehicle householdNoParticipation in SNAP or another low-income programSenate Bill 3158

Program page; Program to begin 2023
USHIStatewideSB809 SD2State GovernmentState / Province GovernmentProposedPartial purchase subsidy with cap40%$500, $1,000 low-income$2MNoYesSNAP, free and reduced lunch, or similarRepeals the electric bicycle and electric moped rebate program and electric bicycle and electric moped subaccount of the highway development special fund. Establishes the electric mobility rebate program and electric mobility special fund. Appropriates moneys.

For class 1 e-bikes, mopeds, and electric micro-mobility devices
USHIStatewideSB907 / Relating to the Bicycle Grant ProgramState GovernmentState / Province GovernmentProposed$2,000$2M / year for 2023/24 and 2024/25NoNoAll enrolled high schoolers to be elligible1/20/23
USIAEastern IowaEastern Iowa Light and Power Cooperative (REC)Power districtActivePartial purchase subsidy with cap25%$150NoNoIncluded in outdoor power equipment rebate5/15/23
USILNorth LawndaleMobility Opportunities FundEquiticityNonprofitActive$350 conventional bicycle,
$750 e-bike,
$1,500 cargo e-bike
$3,500 EV
YesNoBlack and brown residents of North LawndaleProgram page2/16/23
USILStatewideHB3447 / Electric Bike RebateState GovernmentState / Province GovernmentProposedPoint-of-sale discount$750 (purchase price <$1,750); $500 (purchase price $1,750-$4,000; $250 (purchase price $4,000-$5,000)

low income: $1,000 (purchase price <$2,000), +33% up to $2,000 (purchase price >$2,000)
NoYesSNAP or similar, or 300% federal poverty guidelinesBill page3/19/23

Part 1: Understanding Ebike Subsidies

1.1 What are Ebike Subsidies?

An Ebike subsidy is a financial incentive governments, or organizations offer to encourage purchasing and using electric bikes. You might be thinking, “Why offer subsidies for Ebikes?” The answer lies in their potential to address several pressing global concerns.

1.2 Why are Ebike Subsidies Important?

These subsidies are crucial for several reasons. They promote the adoption of green transportation, thereby contributing to climate change mitigation efforts. They also help reduce urban congestion and improve public health by promoting physical activity. It’s clear as a bell; these subsidies aren’t just promoting a mode of transportation—they’re fostering a healthier, greener future.

1.3 The Scope of Ebike Subsidies

The subsidies for Ebikes can come in many forms. They may be direct financial incentives, such as tax rebates or grants, or indirect incentives, like improved infrastructure for cycling. These benefits, like two sides of a coin, both support the adoption of Ebikes.

Part 2: Global Perspectives on Ebike Subsidies

2.1 Ebike Subsidies in Europe

Ebike subsidies have driven a major shift towards more sustainable European transport modes. But how have they done this, you may wonder? By providing significant financial incentives, they’ve made Ebikes an affordable option for a large population segment.

2.2 Ebike Subsidies in the US and Canada

The US is increasingly recognizing the potential of Ebikes, and subsidies are playing a pivotal role. In several states, programs incentivize people to swap their gas-guzzling cars for efficient, eco-friendly Ebikes. The above table gives a comprehensive overview of the known ebike subsides. The team at Portland State will continue to update.

2.3 Ebike Subsidies in Asia

Asian countries have embraced Ebikes on a large scale. These nations lead by example, showing how Ebike subsidies can drastically reduce dependence on fossil fuels and create healthier urban environments.

Part 3: Impacts and Outcomes of Ebike Subsidies

3.1 Reducing Carbon Emissions

Ebike subsidies are contributing to a substantial decrease in carbon emissions. A fun fact to lighten the mood: a single commuter swapping their car for an Ebike can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 6 tons annually. That’s no small potatoes!

3.2 Enhancing Public Health

Ebikes subsidies are shaping our cities and contributing to public health. They’re creating healthier, happier communities by promoting physical activity and reducing pollution levels.

3.3 Urban Mobility Transformation

By incentivizing the use of Ebikes, subsidies are revolutionizing urban mobility. They’re reducing traffic congestion, improving commute times, and making our cities more livable.

Part 4: The Future of Ebike Subsidies

4.1 The Role of Policy

For Ebike subsidies to have a meaningful and lasting impact, they must be backed by robust policies. It’s like baking a cake; you need the right ingredients in the correct proportions.

4.2 Innovations in Ebike Technology

Advancements in Ebike technology, such as improved battery life and enhanced safety features, will likely influence future subsidies. Remember, the goal is to encourage more people to use Ebikes.

4.3 Potential Challenges

The road ahead for Ebike subsidies is not without challenges. From infrastructural constraints to legal hurdles, it’s essential to address these obstacles to realize the full potential of Ebike subsidies.


1. Are there Ebike subsidies available in my area?

Ebike subsidies vary by location. It’s best to check with the local government or transportation authorities for accurate information.

2. How do Ebike subsidies contribute to environmental conservation?

Ebike subsidies promote using electric bikes, which produce zero emissions during operation. This helps in reducing carbon footprint and tackling climate change.

3. What types of Ebike subsidies are most common?

The most common types include direct financial incentives (like grants or tax rebates) and indirect incentives (like improved cycling infrastructure).

4. How can I apply for an Ebike subsidy?

The application process varies depending on the specific subsidy program. Generally, it involves purchasing an eligible Ebike and applying through the appropriate governmental or organizational channels.

5. Can Ebike subsidies improve public health?

By promoting active transportation, Ebike subsidies encourage physical activity, which has numerous health benefits.

6. What are the main challenges in implementing Ebike subsidies?

Some challenges include the initial high costs of Ebikes, the lack of cycling infrastructure, and legal regulations around using Ebikes.


The transformative potential of Ebike subsidies is clear. These financial incentives drive a shift towards greener transportation, reshape our urban landscapes, promote public health, and foster sustainable futures. While challenges remain, the road ahead looks promising for Ebike subsidies, a key player in our collective journey towards a greener, healthier future.

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