How Electric Bike Sharing Offers Affordable Transportation and a Healthy Lifestyle

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Electric bikes are becoming an increasingly popular transportation option due to their environmental friendliness and ease of use. They provide a great way to explore your city, commute to work, or enjoy a leisurely ride. With the rise in the popularity of electric bikes, many cities across the United States have started offering bike-sharing services. In this article, we will list the top electric bike-sharing sites in the United States and provide a location-based table to help you find the closest one.

Top  Sites:

  1. Lime is one of the most popular electric bike-sharing services in the United States, with bikes available in over 100 cities.
  2. JUMP, owned by Uber, offers electric bikes in several major cities, including New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.
  3. Lyft has also entered the electric bike-sharing market, with bikes available in several cities, including Denver, Miami, and Santa Monica.
  4. Bird, known for their electric scooters, has also launched electric bikes in several cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  5. Spin offers electric bikes in several cities, including Austin, Denver, and Portland.
  6. Blue Duck operates in several cities in Texas, including San Antonio and Laredo.
  7. Wheels, a newer electric bike-sharing service, currently operates in several cities in the United States, including Austin and San Diego.
  8. Helbiz operates in several cities, including Miami and Washington, D.C.

Location-Based Table of Electric Bike-Sharing Sites:

CityElectric Bike Sharing Site
Austin, TXJUMP, Lime, Spin
Boston, MABluebikes, Lime, Spin
Chicago, ILDivvy, Lime, Wheels
Denver, COLime, Lyft, Spin
Los Angeles, CABird, JUMP, Lime
Miami, FLLime, Lyft, Spin
New York, NYCiti Bike, JUMP, Lime
Portland, ORBiketown, Lime, Spin
San Francisco, CAJUMP, Lime, Wheels
Washington, D.C.Capital Bikeshare, JUMP, Lime

A detailed global map is here

Locations with Library or other Bike Sharing programs with Links to State Regulations

CityElectric Bike Sharing SiteLibrary Bike Sharing ProgramOther Bike-Sharing Programs
Austin, TXJUMP, Lime, SpinAustin B-cycleBCycle
Boston, MABluebikes, Lime, SpinBoston Bikes
Chicago, ILDivvy, Lime, WheelsChicago Public Library
Denver, COLime, Lyft, SpinDenver B-cycle
Los Angeles, CABird, JUMP, LimeMetro Bike Share
Miami, FLLime, Lyft, SpinMiami-Dade Public Library
New York, NYCiti Bike, JUMP, LimeNew York Public Library
Portland, ORBiketown, Lime, SpinLibrary To Go Bike
San Francisco, CAJUMP, Lime, WheelsSan Francisco Public LibraryBay Wheels
Washington, D.C.Capital Bikeshare, JUMP, LimeDC Public Library

Grecia White, Mobility Planner in Boston, has also compiled a helpful list.

Library bike-sharing programs

Also known as book bike programs, they offer a unique twist on traditional bike sharing. These programs allow individuals to check out bicycles for free from their local library, often to promote literacy and healthy living. While Library bike-sharing programs are not as standard as electric bike-sharing services, they are still available in several cities across the United States.

In addition to electric bike-sharing sites and library bike-sharing programs, some cities offer bike-sharing options, such as BCycle or Metro Bike Share. These programs may provide traditional bicycles or electric and traditional bicycles.

No matter which bike-sharing option, biking is a great way to explore your city, stay active, and reduce your carbon footprint.



Q: What is an electric bike-sharing service? A: A service allows individuals to rent electric bikes for short periods, typically by the minute or hour.

Q: How do I use the service? A: Users typically download the company’s app, create an account, and use the app to locate and unlock an electric bike. The bikes can then be ridden to the user’s destination and returned to a designated location.

Q: Are these services affordable? A: Electric bike-sharing services are typically very affordable, ranging from $0.15 to $0.25 per minute.  Libraries are cheaper and, in some cases, included with your library card.


Electric bike sharing is an affordable and eco-friendly way to explore your city or commute to work. There are many options to choose from, and you can get a good understanding of electric bikes before you buy them.

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