Finding the best bike shops online

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Where are the best bike shops?

Best bike Shops – Introduction

Finding the best online bike stores can be difficult. One way is to use reliable customer ratings and organic search traffic. By combining the data from Trustpilot and Google, we can find stores with outstanding customer service and provide helpful information for decision-making. 

Trustpilot reviews are much higher quality than most review sites like Amazon or Yelp. 

Over the last few years, Google has put great effort into ensuring they rank relevant websites higher. Online stores that deliver the information the customer wants will get a higher search volume from Google.  

These online vendors stand out based on their Trustpilot scores and organic search volume.  Additionally, all responded to negative feedback and addressed the issues in public. 

Combining the two yields a list of websites that are customer focused, and you will get value for your money.

Criteria:  Trustpilot score > 4 and more than 500 reviews. A google search data to find stores with  Domain Rating > 25 and more than 25k visits per month

These retailers care about the customers. They claim to handle all the import challenges for US delivery.  And their website provides plenty of relevant information.

Best Bike Stores

Chain Reaction Cycles – They are a family-owned and operated online retailer that started out with a single shop in Belfast Ireland in 1984.  Deep discounts off the MSRP.

  • Ship globally
  • Free Shipping > $100
  • Published returns policy

Merlin Cycles – another UK based bicycle retailer with a large product assortment and excellent prices with up to 40% off the MSRP on some items. They also will ship to the US and handle the import challenges.

  • Ship globally
  • Free Shipping > 20 GBP (the UK only)
  • Published returns policy

Jenson USA – is a US based online retailer that also has pricing up to 20% off MSRP

  • Ship globally
  • Free Shipping > $60
  • Published returns policy – a US based retailer who sells a wide range of products, not only tires at a discount.

  • Ship globally
  • Free Shipping > $50
  • Published returns policy

Bike 24 – a Germany based retailer with a large assortment of bikes, gear, nutrition and electronics

  • Ship globally
  • Published returns policy

Pro Bike Kit – a UK based retailer founded in the early 90’s with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

  • Ship globally
  • Free Shipping > $125
  • Published returns policy

These 6 are proven trustworthy partners for your biking needs. Other vendors, such as Amazon, are also helpful. Yet, Amazon is having issues with fake reviews. In a future article, I will suggest finding good reliable products within Amazon.

Hopefully, this will assist you in finding the best online bike stores. Please let me know your experience, and I welcome other suggestions.


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