E-Bike Rules and Regulations in Florida for 2023: A Simple and Easy Guide for Beginners and Experts

Florida E-Bike Law Summary 2023

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E-bikes are a new and exciting transportation form that offers riders many benefits. They can help you save money on gas, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your health and fitness, and explore new places. However, e-bikes also have some particular rules and regulations that govern their use in Florida. 

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Florida E-Bike Rules and Regulations Summary

There are a few key things to remember when riding an e-bike:
-E-bikes are considered bicycles, so you should follow all the same rules of the road as you would on a regular bicycle.
-The motor on an e-bike can only assist up to 20 mph.
-You do not need a license or registration to ride an e-bike.
-E-bikes are allowed on most trails but check with the local trail authority before riding.
-Be aware that e-bikes can be heavier and harder to control than regular bicycles, so take extra care when riding.

Florida E-Bike Trail Specifics

Electric bikes are permitted on most trails in Florida. A few exceptions exist, such as trails designed explicitly for non-motorized use only. When riding an electric bike on a trail, riders must yield to pedestrians and slower-moving cyclists and stay to the right except when passing.


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E-biking is a popular and eco-friendly way of transportation in Florida. Many resources and organizations support e-biking in Florida, such as:

  • The Florida Bicycle Association1, a non-profit organization that advocates for good public policy, educates cyclists and drivers on safe practices and assists communities in becoming more bike-friendly.
  • House Bill 9712, a new law that regulates e-bike usage on the roads and legally groups them as electric helper motor bicycles that cannot exceed 20mph on level ground.
  • Florida Cycling Law3  website provides legal information and advice for e-bike riders in Florida, such as registering, insuring, and operating an e-bike safely and legally.
  • The Florida League of Cities4 and The League of American Bicyclists5 are advocacy organizations supporting e-bike legislation and promoting bike-friendly policies and infrastructure in Florida.


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