Electric Bike Safety – Avoid getting hit!

Electric Bike Safety

Electric Bicycles are powerful vehicles allowing you to go much faster.  Distracted car drivers add to the dangers, so a quick review is helpful before heading out.

Recently I’ve discovered a new app called Pointz that guides you on less traveled roads – this app quickly improves the safety AND enjoyability of any ride. I’ve discovered several bike trails and shortcuts that I didn’t know about despite living here for over 25 years.  See the full list of apps and my growing number of reviews.

#1 Review Safe riding skills to improve Electric Bike Safety

Michael Bluejay’s site on Bike Safety is useful to ensure you know the scenarios to avoid when riding safely, in particular, review 10 ways not to get hit

  1. The Right Cross
  2. The Door Prize
  3. The Crosswalk Slam
  4. The Wrong-Way Wreck
  5. The Red Light of Death
  6. The Right Hook
  7. The Right Hook, pt. 2
  8. The Left Cross
  9. The Rear End
  10. The Rear End, pt., 2

US government has a good summary on bike safety here. Review these before heading out, so you know how to avoid/react in these situations.  

#2 Key safety pieces of bicycle gear for Electric Bike Safety

Your gear gives you a second level of protection and helps you ride safely.

Helmet – most states have helmet rules for e-bikes. helmets.org maintains a list of state-by-state rules as well as advice on helmets and helmet recalls.  If you helmet is old – order a MIPS Helmet immediately.

Lights – a headlight and taillight are key – particularly flashing lights.  Also, consider wheel/frame lighting and reflective stickers on your frame, wheels, and helmet.

Mirror – get and install a mirror.  Having a mirror is key to avoiding getting hit by a car.

Reflective clothing – a bright-colored biking jacket will help you be seen. Also, reflective leg bands are particularly effective as moving lights get the motorist’s attention.

#3 Key safety checks before heading out

  1. Check tire pressure and inflate if needed. Having a tire gauge helps avoid blowouts. 
  2. Confirm front and back brakes are working
  3. Gear shifts

#4 Ride smoothly defensively

Now that you know how to react, have reviewed the rules of the road, and have key safety gear – it is time to enjoy yourself.  Ride with awareness and have fun.

Please review why an e-bike could change your life

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