Why buy an electric bicycle?

Why should you buy an electric bike?  Many reasons. I have owned an electric bicycle since 2009 and am now researching my next e-bike.  I have reviewed over 100 sites and recommendations from professional cyclists to “over 60” e-bike enthusiasts.  This website will document what I have learned.

Buying an e-bike has significant benefits  that include the following:

  • Saving Money,
  • improvements in mental and physical health,
  • improve performance at work, and
  • reduce your impact on the environment

keep reading to get the details.

Saving Money

According to Statista, the average American takes 2.7 trips per day of 9.6 miles each trip. These distances are doable within the range of an e-bike.  The immediate benefit will be to your wallet. Depending on your commute, you could save hundreds of dollars per month.

The table below is a sample breakdown of costs based on 4-year costs. You might buy a cheaper bike and likely already have much of the needed gear. So your savings could be more significant than shown depending upon your circumstances.


Estimated Bike Cost4 Year CostsComment
Electronic bike purchase$2,000One time
Bike Lock$120One time
Helmet$100One time
Pannier Bags$200One time
Winter/Rain Gear$500One time
Bike Pump$50One time
Replacement Battery$600battery last two years
Maintenance & Repair$1,000Four years main.
Totals$4,5704-year cost
Monthly Breakdown$95per month
Additional Car4 Year costsComment
Used Car$22,000avg used car price
Annual Mileage4,80010-mile 1-way commute
Price per gallon$2.302021 gas price
MPG24avg mileage
Gas price$460annual gas
Maintainance$750annual maintenance
Insurance$750annual insurance
Taxes$120annual property taxes
Value at end$5,000importance of a car after four years
Totals$25,3204-year cost
Monthly Breakdown$528per month

If you can go from a two-car family to 1 car (or 3 to 2), you could save even more by selling the extra car and pocketing the money. In some city and suburban locations, e-bikes can also be faster than driving, taxi, or subway. 

Improvements in physical and mental health

Now that you are riding your e-bike and saving money, there are extra benefits. E-bikes need some exercise, but much less than regular bikes. So you are getting exercise, increasing your metabolism, and helping you lose weight. And you won’t need a shower when you arrive at work. This exercise contributes to improved mental health. Exercise reduces depression, increases creativity, emotional control, and confidence, and enhances sleep. 

Longer-term benefits can be dramatic. Dropping excess weight will pay dividends for a lifetime.  Health is precious and hard to get back if you lose it. Bike commuting is an excellent habit for maintaining your best possible health.

Why buy an electric bicycle?
Benefits include: improvements in mental and physical health, saving money, improving performance at work, and reducing your impact on the environment.

Photo by Wolfram Bölte on Unsplash

In a world of rolling COVID lockdowns. Getting outside and biking is more fun than watching Netflix, especially with friends. With e-bikes, friends with different skill levels can ride together. The stronger person pedals while the other person uses more battery power. 

Buying an Electric Bike Can Improve performance at work.

By exercising and getting outside, your mental calmness and creativity increase. Bike riding improves your mental health. Allowing you to contribute more to your organization and colleagues.

To help gain these benefits, look into apps like bikemap.net or similar. These apps and google maps will help you find quiet bike routes thru neighborhoods or parks. Some of which you may not have thought of before. 


Buying an Electric Bike Will Reduce Environmental Impact.

The environmental benefits are tremendous. Bike Engineer Zach Krapfl lays out the numbers in the video below. He compares traveling by bike, electric bike, car, electric car,  truck, train, and plane.

The bottom line is that an electric bike can be more than 50x more efficient than the average vehicle.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zJHMMYa01g&feature=youtu.be Riding an electric bicycle is a life-changing experience in many dimensions. These simple changes can improve your health and well-being and help build a community around you. Next, we will explore the best safety equipment and gear for all weather and related topics.    If you have feedback or want to subscribe, please get in touch with us here.

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